Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Love In This Club - Usher ft Young Jeezy

Love In This Club - Usher ft Young Jeezy [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
Lyrics and mp3 Love In This Club - Usher ft Young Jeezy. Enjoy this song....

Gotta do it for the ladies
And I gotta keep it hood
Where we at Polo (Ay)
I see you Ryan
... you was right
But we just gettin started

You see you searching for somebody
That'll take you out and do you right
Well come here baby and let daddy show you what it feel like
You know all you gotta do is tell me what you sippin' on
And I promise that I`m gonna keep it comin` all night long

Lookin` in your eyes while you walk the other side
And I think that shorty I`ve got a thing for you
Doin` it on purpose winding and workin` it
I can tell by the way you lookin` at me girl

I wanna make love in this club
(make love in this club, in this club, in this club)
I wanna make love in this club
(in this club, in this club, in this club)

You got some friends rollin` wit you baby then that's cool
You can leave them with my niggas let em know that I got you
If you didn`t know, you`re the only thing that`s on my mind
Cuz the way I'm staring miss you got me wantin to give it to you all night

Lookin` in your eyes while you walk the other side
I can't take it no more
Baby I'm coming for you
You keep doin` it on purpose winding and working it
If we close our eyes it could be just me and you

I wanna make love (in this club in this club, in this club)
I wanna make love (in this club in this club, in this club)
I wanna make love (in this club, in this club, in this club)
I wanna make love in this club (in this club, in this club)

I`m what you want, I`m what you need
He got you trapped, I`ll set you free
Sexually, mentally, physically, emotionally
I`ll be like your medicine, you`ll take every dose of me
It`s going down on aisle 3, I`ll bag you like some groceries
And every time you think about it you gon` want some more of me
About to hit the club, make a movie yeah rated R
Pulled up like a trap star,
That's if you have yo regular car
You wanna make love to a thug in the club with his Sice on
87 jeans and a fresh pair of Nikes on
On the couch, on the table, on the bar, or on the floor
You can meet me in the bathroom yeah you know I`m trying go

Tonight it's ...
If we keep touching like this
I know you scared
They don't know what we doin
Keep it up girl I swear
I'ma give it to you none stop
And I don't care who's watchin


Monday, April 14, 2008

Google Maps + YouTube Videos = Local Video White Pages

Google has long been using Google Maps as a way to show local business listings. When you search for hotels in a given city, for instance, each digital pushpin that appears on the map can be clicked on to reveal more information, including photos, reviews, and Web links. Now YouTube videos associated with each listing will also appear. For instance here is a video that is embedded in the Google Map listing of a San Francisco bakery called I Dream of Cake (screen shot above).
Combining the power of YouTube with Google Maps should make Google's local listings that much more appealing. Now any local business can essentially put a television ad on Google Maps. But the most effective videos will be the ones that don’t seem like ads at all, but rather show the real people behind the businesses that are listed.
It is unfortunate, though, that Google chose to make this feature available only to businesses that list on Google. As far as consumers are concerned, they can watch the geo-videos but not create their own.

Rio Ferdinand to sign new Manchester United contract

The Barclays Premier League title is almost within touching distance for Manchester United and the sense of satisfaction around Old Trafford will increase with the news that Rio Ferdinand has reached a provisional agreement over a new five-year contract that will keep him at the club beyond his 33rd birthday.

There had been apprehension among the United hierarchy when Pini Zahavi, Ferdinand's agent, said that he wished to wait until the summer before discussing an extension to the England defender's contract, which expires in just over 12 months. But Ferdinand, having decided to commit his future to United, was eager to bring talks forward and, after conversations between Zahavi and David Gill, the club's chief executive, a deal has been agreed in principle and will be signed shortly, according to sources.

Contrary to reports, United are not in negotiations with Cristiano Ronaldo over a new contract, the Portugal winger having signed a £120,000-a-week deal last April to keep him at Old Trafford until 2012, but a new agreement with Ferdinand has long been a top priority. It is not yet clear whether United have agreed to increase Ferdinand's salary, which is just over £100,000 a week, but the new contract will delight Sir Alex Ferguson, who had feared that the defender might be tempted to move overseas.

Negotiations over his previous contract took 16 months - involving considerable angst and, at one point, the arrival of a gang of balaclava-clad United fans on the player's doorstep, telling him to “sign or else” - but this has been a remarkably swift process, reflecting Ferdinand's increased sense of belonging at Old Trafford.
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Ferdinand, 29, has enjoyed an outstanding season, emerging as the leading candidate to succeed Gary Neville as captain and impressing Fabio Capello, the England manager, who is considering him as an alternative to John Terry and Steven Gerrard as captain of the national team. He performed well again in front of Capello on Sunday as United beat Arsenal 2-1, but the result, which brought a second successive league title ever closer, left Ferdinand happiest.

“It was a massive result to get three points against one of the teams vying for the title,” Ferdinand said. “It's the crunch stage of the season. The trophies are being handed out soon and the three points gets us a step closer to being able to pick up one. Fingers crossed we keep motoring on. We showed the confidence and resilience that has been a trademark of ours for the last couple of years. Long may it continue.”

Irrespective of Chelsea's result against Wigan Athletic at Stamford Bridge last night, United know that beating Arsenal meant that victories in their next two matches - away to Blackburn Rovers on Saturday and, more dauntingly, against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge seven days later - would all but guarantee the title, but Ferdinand will not allow his team-mates to get carried away. “We have to make sure we get the results and hopefully by the end of the season we'll be the team picking up something,” he said.

Ferdinand will be happier still at the thought of being reunited with Nemanja Vidic, his central defensive partner, against Blackburn at Ewood Park. United have battled through the past three matches without him, but Ferguson hopes to have the Serbia defender back in full training over the next day or two.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

[18SX] Maths prodigy who won an Oxford place at 13 is now a £130-an-hour HOOKER

Sufiah Yusof, seorang kanak-kanak pintar matematik yang pernah menggemparkan dunia apabila layak memasuki Universiti Oxford pada usia 13 tahun, tidak putus-putus ditimpa nasib malang.
Selepas bapanya, Yusof Farooq dipenjara atas kesalahan melakukan serangan seksual ke atas dua gadis berusia 15 tahun yang mengikuti tuisyen matematik di rumahnya, Sufiah pula kini dilaporkan menjadi pekerja seks.
For sad Sufiah the daily equation she has to solve is simply sex equals £130 as she sells her body to punters over the internet.The gifted girl with the winning smile had the world at her feetten years ago and should be a rich woman by now—but last week she wasbusy subtracting her underwear for our undercover reporter in her dingyback street flat."Would you like to start your half hour now?" said Sufiah, 23, as she danced on the bed, displaying her body for examination. Then she listed all the sleazy plus points she would throw in for our man if he took up her offer. Calling herself Shilpa Lee, the former child prodigy stilljuggles with figures on a hookers' website, describing herself as a"very pretty size 8, 32D bust and 5'5" tall—available for booking everyday from 11am to 8pm."
She says she is a "sexy, smart student" who prefers "older gentlemen"— but a former pal who has witnessed her downfall told us: "It is all desperately heartbreaking. "With her amazing brain she should be able to make money any way she wants. But instead her life has spiralled completely out of control." Life has never quite added up for Sufiah. Her descent into prostitution in Salford, Manchester, is the latest in a long line of tragedies to have engulfed her since the sunny day when she posed with her university mortar board for the world's press outside prestigious St Hilda's College.
Ourshock revelations today come in the week her domineering dad Farooq wasjailed for sexually assaulting two 15-year-old girls as he home-tutoredthem in maths.And he was always at the root of all her troubles— even as shepassed the further maths A-Level she needed for entry to Oxford at theage of 12. In those days Sufia was a strict Muslim child who prayedfive times a day and was subjected to her father's famous AcceleratedLearning Technique.Her days involved stretching and breathing exercises in freezing rooms to keep her brain attentive.Sufiah would then study hard and be forced to play tennis with justas much intensity as fanatical Farooq drove her on. The routine was soeffective Sufiah was seeded number eight in the country for under 21s.But three years into Oxford, the 15-year-old sparked a massive police hunt after running away.Abuse at the time her father bizarrely claimed Sufiah had been kidnapped and brainwashed by an organisation seeking the key to her intelligence.
But Sufiah sent an email to her family describing her life under her father as a "living hell".
Onemessage to her sister read: "I've finally had enough of 15 years ofphysical and emotional abuse. You know what I am talking about." Sufiah was missing for two weeks before being found in aninternet café in Bournemouth where she had been working as a hotelwaitress.She refused to go back to her parents and instead was taken into the care of social services.
It was then revealed that Farooq had been jailed for three years in1992 for his part in a £1.5m mortgage swindle. Before that—at the ageof 19—he had been sent to borstal for his role in a conspiracyinvolving £100,000.
Free from the spell of her father, Sufiah returned to Oxford to complete the final year of her Masters in Maths. Butshe was now more concerned with enjoying herself—and failed to finishthe course after meeting trainee lawyer Jonathan Marshall.They were married in 2004 when Sufiah was just 19 and Jonathan 24. But the strains with her family were still there. Despite being invited, Sufiah's parents and four brothers and sisters failed to turn up to the wedding. Her dreams of a happy life with Jonathan were shattered when the couple divorced just a year later.
Now, in her sad little flat, she uses her body to pay the rent.Sufiah met our man, posing as a punter, at the entrance to her buildingwearing a tiny skirt, leather boots and a tight t-shirt. She wascarrying three mobile phones. She laughed and joked as she led him to her small apartment where a bed was already set out in the lounge. She told him it was £130 an hour and offered him a glass ofwater before putting some music on to a cheap portable stereo andnervously stripping down to her red lace bra and knickers.Sufiah then peeled off her underwear and danced on the bed. Shetold him she did full sex with a condom and oral sex withoutprotection.After our man had made his excuses, Sufiah kept him talking bytelling him how she was studying for a Masters degree in Economics on apart-time two year course in London.The former prodigy added: "I've got exams coming up and I'm thinking ‘Oh my God!'" Once described by her parents as "naïve and unstreetwise", sheworks alone from her flat without any obvious physical security orprotection.She even admitted to our reporter: "It's always a surprise who you are going to meet."
Cheerful Sufiah gave no indication of any sadness at the jailing of her father the previous day. On Wednesday Farooq, 50, was sentenced to 18 months at Coventry Crown Court for touching two 15-year-old girls when he was home tutoring them at maths.

The court heard how in May last year Farooq arrived at one of the victim's home for a maths lesson.
He started whispering in her ear and kissing her hair and cheek.He also touched her breast and told her she was a genius and prettybefore putting her hand on his upper thigh. Destroyed Farooq'sdefence lawyer Tim Hannam said: "He's been back in prison for over fivemonths and knows there'll be no more teaching and any hope he had ofgaining an income from the teaching method he had developed to a highdegree of success is lost to him. His reputation is destroyed."
Now it's clear the daughter who fled his strict regime has almost been destroyed too. Her friend said last night: "Sufiah has suffered so many knocksin her life. I just hope she can drag herself out this life she has gotherself into.
"She is a good person and deserves a much better life than this. Her gift really has been a curse."