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The Star will sing for you

The songs may be hits, but the money is in the shows

It's the festive season and you are throwing a dinner party for your friends and family. Being in a generous and expansive mood, you want top entertainment. SHUIB TAIB goes undercover to "book" the big names for your party.
FOR an artiste, it is vital to have a hit album. Your songs get played on the radio, you get invited to perform on television, and you get royalty from album sales. It's life changing.

Imagine having one hit album in a huge market like America. Your life will transform overnight. You can even retire early.

Sadly, that is not possible in a country with a proliferation of pirated CDs. Here in Malaysia, album sales have never touched the one million mark. Therefore, artistes need to secure singing engagements.

But the situation isn't all that bad. Once your song becomes a hit, you will most likely be invited to perform at big events and corporate functions and that is where you make money.

For the late Sudirman Arshad, a top entertainer during his heyday, the weekends were almost always reserved for shows.

Sudir performed almost everywhere and earned good money.

But he worked very hard too. When he performed for American Express, Sudir not only prepared the right songs, he even prepared jokes suited for the event.

"No wonder I see dollar signs in your eyes," he once told an American Express staff at one of his shows.

Indeed, an entertainer extraordinaire like him could earn a lot from one show.

Between the late 1980s and early 1990s, Sudir was making between RM25,000 and RM30,000 from one corporate dinner performance.

On special occasions like the Merdeka celebrations or New Year, his fees would double or triple.

But what about "lesser" artistes?

I recall a singer, Wann, who was famous in the late 1980s.
Wann had a different singing style -- she had a tendency to sound "constipated" -- yet, she was a saleable artiste.

Wann averaged between 20 and 25 shows per month, with payments between RM2,000 and RM3,000 per show.

That translated into more than RM60,000 per month.

Then again, not all artistes enjoy a long career. Some are a flash in the pan, which is why it makes sense for them to charge high fees while they are popular.

Also, as public figures, artistes need to always look their best. They need to be seen in expensive clothes, chauffeur-driven in big cars, and live in mansions. In short, their lifestyle reflects their popularity.

When our country enjoyed economic growth in the 1990s, so did our artistes.

* RM45,000 for a 30-minute show
* RM70,000 for a one-hour show

SINCE winning the Bintang HMI more than a decade ago, Siti has remained as one of the strongest, most versatile and richest artistes the industry has ever known. Her vocal prowess is legendary. Her awards speak for themselves. Her influence is huge.

Her popularity is not only felt in Malaysia, but also in Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei. She is also the first Southeast Asian artiste to have held a solo concert at the Royal Albert Hall, London.

Siti's career defies showbiz logic, if we could call it that. Married artistes have a tough time keeping their fans but not in the case of Siti.

Siti does not accept many single singing engagements now that she is married, but when she was single, she was known to have five shows a week.

"That is how I get my vocal practice because I do serious singing almost every day," she once said.

Having released her latest album Tahajjud Cinta, Siti -- who is also adept at tackling irama Malaysia, pop, soft rock, pop rock, R&B and dance-pop as well as English numbers -- is expected to dominate the airwaves, too.

She has released 14 studio albums, nine video albums, seven concert albums, DVDs, compilations (both solo and otherwise) and live albums, making her the most active and saleable local artiste.

* RM35,000 for a 30-minute show
* RM55,000 for a one-hour show

WITH her trademark pop music mixed with jazz and R&B, Sheila is among the few who broke into the impenetrable Indonesian market.

The release of her album Emosi in Indonesia only further endeared her to the fans there.

Her popularity in Indonesia was boosted when she went on a nationwide tour there in 1988 that received overwhelming response.

From Indonesia Sheila spread her wings to Japan where she performed at the Tokyo Music Festival in 1989.

She left such an impression at the Okinawa Music Pageant in 1990 that she was invited back to perform in Japan by popular demand that very same year.

Sheila can also look back on her successful stint at London's Ronnie Scotts, where her idols like Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder had performed.

On the home front, Sheila, who is married to musician Acis (of Gersang fame), performed before packed audiences in Kuala Lumpur three times, the first in 1990.

* RM25,000 for a 30-minute show
* RM55,000 for a one-hour show

ANUAR, 39, began singing when he was in school. Fans would remember him as one half of the "Kain Pelikat" duo with Elina.

After years of silence, Anuar made a comeback when he released his eponymous album in 1998. Things have been looking up since then.

In 2000, Anuar was named Best New Artiste at the Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) awards.

Keabadian Cinta, the hit song from his second album won Best Song at the AIM again the following year. Anuar began to get more accolades.

He has somewhat "arrived". Anuar now has his own Secretaries' Day show, and people pay hundreds to see him perform live.

The string of awards that he has won has only strengthened his position as one of the top male singers in the country.

Her discography includes 10 full studio albums, three of which are full English albums. Ning's singing stints have taken her to Britain, Italy, France, China, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Monte Carlo (Monaco), Switzerland and United States.

Ning is also an adept actress, having worked on several movies. They include Gemilang, Maria Mariana 2, Bara, Mimpi Moon, Malaikat Di Jendela, Lady Boss, Diva and Yasmin Ahmad's Muallaf.

Like most local stars who have survived the test of time and economic recession, Ning has also won many awards.

Due to her versatility, Ning, who is the new face of Olay Regenerist, is also highly in demand at corporate events.

* RM18,000 for a 30-minute show
* RM30,000 for a one-hour show

THE singer-actress popularly known as Jac won the inaugural Malaysian Idol and Ikon Malaysia. As winner of Malaysian Idol, she won a recording contract with Sony BMG Entertainment. This high-octave singer represented Malaysia in the first Asian Idol and Ikon Asean.

Jac was 9 when her father died. To help support her three younger siblings, Jac started singing at clubs and hotel lounges when she turned 18.

It was Malaysian Idol that made her a household name. Jac impressed judges and viewers week after week with her renditions of Alicia Keys' If I Ain't Got You, Chaka Khan's I Feel For You and Karyn White's Superwoman.

By the time she entered the finals, it was obvious that she was the clear winner. In the finals, Jac performed the ballad Gemilang (Glory), the song written for the winner of Malaysian Idol, which would appear on her debut album Gemilang.

Gemilang brought more glory to Jac when it won Best Song and Best Performance awards at RTM's Hits 1 in 2006. At TV3's Juara Lagu the same year, Gemilang was Best Ballad and Song Of The Year.

At the Anugerah Planet Muzik (Singapore) in 2006, Jac was named Best Female Artiste. And, at the 13th Anugerah Industri Muzik also in 2006, Jac was Best New Artiste, won Best Arrangement in a Song, Best Pop Album and Album of the Year awards.

She also emerged champion at the Asian Music Festival in Shanghai in 2005, again with Gemilang.

Mafia War Autoplayer

This is a free auto-play script which I have tested before and it works. I don't recommend you to use auto-play scripts at all as I don't use anymore, Up to you!!! Anyway, I briefly name the steps as follows:
1- You must use Mozilla Firefox browser.
2- You must install Greasemonkey add-on in Firefox. To install Greasemonkey:
2.1- Go to Tools menu -> Add-ons.
2.2- Search for Greasemonkey in the search box and then press Add to Firefox button.
3- Go to this link and install the script.



Furthermore, there are more information available on the following link that can be helpful about Greasemonkey add-on and the script installation:

Happy Playing ;)

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Women Think About Sex At Work 34 Times A Day

Women Think About Sex At Work 34 Times A Day

WOMEN think about sex up to 34 times in an average working day, according to a survey. That works out at the equivalent of once every 14 minutes. The amount of time spent fantasising is perhaps less surprising given that one in three women complained she does not get enough action between the sheets.

More than 1000 women were quizzed for the survey to reveal the level of sexual satisfaction. Nearly half said they were dissatisfied with their sex life, prompting them to think about sex during their working day. And it seems that lust is not just a fleeting thought, with seven in 10 women finding up to an hour a day for their naughty fantasies.

Apart from current partners, celebrities were the most common fantasy figures, closely followed by strangers who women have caught a glimpse of and former lovers. And 53 per cent admitted to a crush on someone at work, while 36 per cent said every girl should have an "office object of affection" to while away the hours at work. More than one in three single women confessed to having someone they can call for no-strings-attached sex.

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Mafia War Games : Tip For Not Being Robbed

If you're reading this, you've probably been robbed... and are probably annoyed because you have to pay for repairs all the time. Additionally, you make less money on properties until they are repaired, which is no fun either.

I am NOT a whiz here, just sharing my experiences. Here are the lil' tips for not being robbed again and again :

1. Your mafia size should be at least the equivalent of your level.
Unlike defending fights, the amount of mafia members that can "help out" is equal to your level. So, if you don't want to get robbed and are level 70, you should have at least 70 people in your mafia. By having less mafia members then your level, you become a big target.

2. Make sure your mafia is well equipped.
Mafia members are only as strong as the weapons and armor you give them. Make sure every mafia member has a decent weapon, armor,
and vehicle to use. Some clans feed their mafia family very well, so they are really strong and can't be robbed!

3. Level Up!
I'm not talking about leveling up to put more points in defense or get more mafia members. Getting out of the low levels early is important for property health - players at higher levels do not rob as often, if at all. Why? Because it is not worth the stamina. Fighting yields more experience and has a chance to drop the best weapons (TNT), vehicles (Humvees), and job items (like Blackmail Photos) that the high level players need.

The $ 650,000-750,000 that is standard for robbing a casino pales in comparison to the amount of cash the "Boss" jobs produce. High level players do jobs for money rather than rob. On that note, if you are power leveling, you may find it hard to keep your mafia size equal to your level. The solution is simple - if you can't keep your mafia size equal to your level, just don't buy property (aside from Mafia Mike's) until you are around level 150. Players around level 20-80 rob much more frequently then high level players.

4. Don't rob other players. It's a big No No!

As noted in point #3, high level players do not like to rob. The only reason to rob is to get revenge for their low level buddies. So, if you don't piss anyone off (i.e. by robbing them), you are much less likely to get robbed in return.

5. Win a lot of fights.
In Mafia Wars, the best defense is a good offense. When robbing someone, you can only see a few statistics - number of mafia members, whether the property is protected. Since a player can't actually see your defense rating, a high level of defense does little to deter attacks. What they can see however, is your win to loss ratio on fights. I know I'm a lot less likely to try to fight or rob someone that has won 10,000 fights and only lost 1,000! However, when I see someone who has lost many more fights then they have won, I know it's an easy target. Hahahaha

6. Don't put people on the hitlist.
If you WANT to get robbed, be sure to put someone on the hitlist! Not only will the person you put a hit out on rob you repeatedly, but so will his friends. Additionally, when someone posts a hit, their name is shown on the hitlist as well. Some bored higher level players get entertainment out of robbing and attacking people who put out hits rather than attacking for the reward money! Avoid putting your name out there and you won't get robbed (or attacked) as much.

7. Protect your property.
Protecting your property is not as expensive as you might think - it only needs to be done once if you never get robbed! If you followed steps 1-5 and protect your property, the your odds of getting robbed are slim-to-none. If you never have to pay for repairs, you'll save a lot of money!


If you are getting robbed constantly in this game, just add more people to your mafia, win a lot of fights (if your attack rating is low find a whipping boy), don't rob other players, don't put out hits, and protect your property. If all else fails, level to 150 as fast as you can- people at that level don't rob as much. Do this and I guarantee you your robbery rates will go way down!

As for me, I don't like being robbed. Sometimes mafias don't need any reason to rob others. So after I obtain my achievement by selling 50 Mega Casinos, I just sell all of them and satisfy by owning lots of Mafia Mike's. You can't rob me! Image hosted by servimg.com

PS : Credit goes to the original writer!

Mafia Wars Games : Reward Point

Mafia Wars Rewards points allow players to obtain favors from the Godfather, like more energy. These points lead to advanced game play. Here is how to obtain them easily.

Mafia Wars for Facebook has an interesting spin on the Godfather. Reward points that can be earned through various aspects of the game. Reward points are given by the Godfather as players level up to the next level, but not on every level. Reward

points can also be obtained by doing favors for the Godfather as he indicates on this page in the game.

Reward points can be traded in for different items. Often there will be a special weapon or gift located on the homepage that can only be obtained using reward points. These gifts usually carry more defense and attack points than typical inventory weapons and so are much more valuable to have. Other items that can be bought with Reward points include:

~ Full Health Refills
~ Full Stamina Refills
~ Full Energy Refills
~ “X” Amount of Players added to Family
~ “X” Amount of Cash
~ Surprise Gift

Occasionally there might be more gifts to choose from. Of all the rewards, the Energy refill can be the most beneficial in advancing in game play. This refill allows more jobs to be completed and in turn more levels to be completed.

Obtaining Rewards Points
Waiting to get Rewards points from the Godfather is a slow process, however, for the more serious gamers there are alternative methods. These methods include:

* Purchasing Reward Points: Reward points can be purchased in varying amounts starting at $5 for 10 points. This money goes to run Zynga, the company that runs the game on Facebook.

* Reward Points Free Offers: Underneath the “Purchase Points” section on the Godfather page there is a listing that is sortable. Click on “Free” and all of the free offers that result in added Reward points appear. For example, one coupon website gives free Rewards points just for downloading and installing their toolbar. The toolbar can be removed without affecting Reward points once they are in your game. There are a lot more free offers that give points.

* Reward Points for Purchases or Trial Offers: These yield the most reward points. Credit reporting companies, identity protections companies and more offer free reward points for trying their service. They offer a one month, no obligation free trial. Once the application is completed and the credit card information is verified, the reward points are credited. Because these are trial offers, there are no fees as long as the service is cancelled within the time frame in the details.

Obtaining Rewards points is not difficult but it does take a little time. To seriously move up in game play getting more points is the most vital aspect as it allows more jobs to be completed. Earning favors from the Godfather can be the result of hard work or it can be from cold, hard cash, either way the results are more completed jobs and more levels climbed in the Family.
PS : Credit goes to Sharon Chapman!

Mafia Wars Games : Hard Labor Day Loot

Surprise from Zynga.
Preview all the items we've hidden in the game for the coming Labor Day weekend. From Friday to Monday, take part in Mafia Wars: Hard Labor Day.

Be ready guys... Make sure you play Mafia Wars on this weekend..

Proton Exora MPV

Proton EXORA MPV - The Malaysia’s first MPV Proton Exora launched on April 15 2009. After so long waiting this Malaysian made MPV Proton Exora, with so many leaked Proton Exora pictures and rumors, now answered. Here you are, we bring you the most wanted picture first, the back of Proton Exora. Looking at the previous leaked pictures, it is so different and this one really looks cool! We are at the EON Glenmarie during launching of Proton Exora. We are really surprised with what Proton
offers compare to the price which is around RM69k to RM75k.
Overall, the Proton Exora exterior is absolutely great and nothing else to say, Proton Exora is going to be the most desireable MPV in Malaysia. I personally proud of what Proton has made to produce our first MPV. The quality of the Proton Exora interior, nothing feels cheap. Meaning that the interior of this 7 seater MPV is nice and well designed. Especially the steering wheel which look like Honda’s steering. The 5 spoke sport rims really satisfy the eyes of observer which looks fit to the Proton Exora MPV.
From bonnet to bumper, your elegant cruising machine Proton Exora is fitted with only the best in aesthetics. Take a glance at its stylish body featuring a sporty winged grille, plus integrated head lamps and fender design. Look around some more and you’ll soon see that aerodynamics was not Proton only concern. Sophistication mattered too.

Proton Exora Carries up to 7 adults comfortably in plush leather seats*. For more room, the 2nd and 3rd rows can be arranged and folded in 6 different ways, including completely flat.

Surprisingly, the 2nd and third row of Proton Exora fit 5 adults with comfortable space. I have tried sitting at the back and i feel that there is no problem for me to sit there for a long journey because Proton Exora can fit me without feeling uncomfortable. Amazing for an MPV below RM80k! I would say the space for third row is better than Rondo and Grand Livina. Proton Exora is really for 2 adults, not just 2 small kids.
Proton Exora comes with dual blower and individual air-cond outlets at every row, built-in entertainment system* and 10 cup holders. Interior finishing of Proton Exora is very nice.

ALL-ROUND PROTECTION : High tensile steel cage and hydro forming sub-frame technology for a safe, lightweight body that is designed to meet European impact standards. Dual airbags, smart anti-lock braking system (ABS) and electronic brake force distribution system (EBD) come standard.

SOLID PERFORMANCE : A CAMPRO CPS engine with 125hp and 150Nm of torque powers the Proton Exora economically, while Lotus driving dynamics provide agility. Sound absorption technology ensures peaceful journeys.

INTELLIGENT ELECTRONICS Access all essential electronic functions via an integrated Electronic Control module. Enjoy conveniences like signalling lane change with a swift touch of a switch, or even programming the speed of your front wipers.
Proton Exora Front bumper adds to a tough and sturdy image while its front grille carries a unique wing design.

Proton Exora Side mirrors with LED turning signal for better visibility.

A trendy LED tail lamp gives a balanced look to Proton Exora’s overall rear design. LED lights also have a longer life span compared to normal bulbs.

Wraparound bumper - clean and sleek look.

Very Sporty rear spoiler of Proton Exora
The third and second row of Proton Exora can be arranged in so many formation due to its ability to be folded and really carries the name of Multi purpose Vehicle with the function to fit big and many stuff there in Proton Exora. At third row, you will not have to sit like on the floor because it is quite high of seat height. The leg room is good for a person around 178cm high. At front row, no complain at all.. Spacious. Same with the second row seat.
he meter panel is quite simple.

Step inside the Proton Exora and you’ll realise why Proton Exora can easily be your family’s living room on the road. Be greeted by sleek trimmings, high-quality finishes and all-round comfort.

Thoughtfully crafted Proton Exora ergonomic seats for first-class comfort — perfect even for long-distance family road trips.

Boldly designed illuminated black fascia Proton Exora meter display. It gradually lights up when the Proton Exora comes to life.

Proton Exora Design with practicality and convenience in mind. Power window controls are alongside pockets and bottle holders.
The Proton Exora is powered by CAMPRO CPS 1.6 litre engine. Proton Exora is enough to bring this MPV with 7 passenger inside anywhere. Reading so many Proton Exora test drive review recently, they were all satisfy with the performance of this CAMPRO CPS under the hood of Proton Exora. But Proton Exora will not beat the Nissan Grand Livina’s 1.6 CVTC responsive engine due to the weight of Proton Exora is more than Livina eventhough both engine have same 1600 cc displacement. However, the performance of Proton Exora is acceptable and you will have no problem with Proton Exora to bring a body of a quite big MPV. Anyway, this is an MPV, not a racing sports car.

The Proton Exora center panel on dashboard is pretty nice. Looks simple yet elegant. the gated auto gear which only have on high end cars available in Proton Exora is easy to reach.
Proton Exora ,Very spacious MPV. Proton Exora is what you need if you have a big family. Proton Exora really can fit 7 adults. Enough to bring other 6 members of your family happily anywhere. About fuel consumption of Proton Exora? For now there is no data provided by Proton in terms of km/l or litre per 100km. Basically Proton Exora will be slightly fuel consuming than the Proton Gen2 CPS with the same 1.6 litre campro cps engine. But yet still among the best fuel consumption in its class as an MPV.

Info credit to Kereta Info